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Some of our followers may remember in November last year, Leis was left to tend to x&y on her own as I had to suddenly go away for a family emergency.


This is where Crohns disease comes in .

My Mum, 46 years young, was rushed to hospital after waking up in excrutiating pain after a shopping trip and within hours was being taken into surgery due to complications from Crohns.

After the surgery was complete and a few hours later she was put into an induced coma, placed on life support and flown by helicopter to an ICU unit at a hospital 2hours away.


As soon as i got the call from Dad i left the kids with a friend, went home to pack, picked the kids up , told my husband to leave work immediatley and we were on our way.


I got to the hospital not long after she had landed so my Dad and siblings were not there yet.

The Doctor obviously saw how shocked i was to see Mum like that, yet the next sentence he would mutter to me would be the one that would stay in my mind for the next few months.


'I'm not going to tell you that this isn't life threatening. Because it is...very,very life threatening. We're doing everything we can'


A  nurse came and hugged me and assured me this was the ablsolute best place for her.



This was to be our life for the next few months.


Mum was swollen, had a machine pumping her heart for her and had so many cords and machines hooked up to her, she was barely recogniseable. She was in 24hour care so her bed was basically against the front desk and she had a nurse with her 24/7.

We would sit with her, talk to her, hold her hands, stroke her hair, rub her feet and then finally after what felt like forever, the Doctors starting reducing the medication that was keeping her in the coma. Seeing her eyes open for the first time was probably one of the best days of my life. She still had a tube down her throat so couldn't talk, but she could write small sentences (mainly giving the nurses attitude about being too rough!) and nod and shake her head.


A  while after she was out of the coma completely (dates and times are all a blur), she was moved to another ward, still with a feeding tube, while she started walking again with a walking frame at first and then finally on her own!


She was finally released from hospital after some weeks in the other ward, but she still had to have a  nasal feeding tube for another 8 weeks-she was so keen to get home she did the feedings herself through syringe.


Mum is now home, eating normal foods again and has just started back at work. She's amazing.



She is the reason for this auction.


Crohns disease runs purely on donations and is a big thing in my family, my 20 year old brother and 3 aunties also have it so it's too close to home for me to not try and do some sort of fundraising.


This coming Tuesday the 7th of May, Little x&y will be hosting an online charity Auction to raise money for the Australian Crohns & Colitis Association.   

We have around 15 amazing businesses donating some incredible items. You guys are going to freak when you see what we are donating!


I have set up an Everday Hero account so you can see that all money is going straight to the charity, if you are able to make a donation please do!

Otherwise make sure you're back here at 7pm next tuesday to bid on some of our awesome donations!

The highest bidder on sunday night at 8pm will win the item. Payment will need to be received within 24hours or the item will go to the next bidder.


Over the next few days i will start loading photos of the items up for grabs onto our Facebook page so you have time to prepare :)


More information on Crohns disease can be found here













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